ex-cess-An extreme or excessive amount or degree. Immoderate indulgence; intemperance in eating. drinking, etc.

bag-gage-Things that encumber one's freedom, progress, development,
or adaptability.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Well it is officially the eve of my diet and I can already taste the nothingness. In anticipation of the joyess day, I have done, what I hope every woman who is about to go on a diet does, eat anything and everything that is not included in Canada's extensive food guide. Well maybe some of the items are, does the food guide have a white category, or perhaps a chemically altered sugar category, ahhhh who are we kidding chemically altered sugar would belong in the white category, duh!

So yesterday, a friend who read my blog, asked me what was so special about The Jeans, and told me that I should elaborate on them. Well they are in reality just jeans, denim coloured material, that yes has a little bit of stretch for extra comfort, but still nonetheless pants that we all put on one leg at a time. Well, that are usually put on one leg at a time except in extreme circumstances that may result in a minor breakdown (see Friday's entry). However, supposed friend who is not a follower of my blog but instead just a blog creeper, to me, they are the goal. Once I am able to put The Jeans on without the use of heavy duty machinery or by rubbing diaper cream all over my lower extremities, I plan to take down all the photos that WILL have accumulated of my son over the months, and put up photos of, you guessed it, moi. So there it is folks, the climax! If I promise to somehow make it exciting, seeing me in a pair of jeans, will that keep people continuing to read my blog, even if they're not official followers. I am open to suggestions of what would make the photo interesting, but please keep in mind that I have managed to have a limited police record and now that I'm a mother I would like it to stay that way. On a quick side note I will re-post photos of my son shortly after my July 1st deadline, because that's what mum's do and also, because it's my blog.

So, my faithful follower, and yes to you blog creeper(s?), we will pick this up tomorrow as it`s Sunday and I`m off to do what every wife and mother does on a Sunday, show our faithful devotion to the washing machine, stove and toilet. Maybe I`ll make tomorrow my Sunday for paying homage to the household deities, I can see a little man who only has smiles for me and I plan to get some cuddle time in.

-Its not that some people have willpower and some don`t. It`s that some people are ready to change and others are not.

James Gordon


  1. Love it, Laena! Good job...I'll be following along for sure!
    Love ya! xoxo

  2. You are really good at writing...funny, inspiring,understanding. I love it. I will definitely be following along. About a week ago, I also started a diet and regular excercise because I am more than ready to loose my "excess baggage" too. So I will use your blog for more inspiration. Maylo